To realize our vision of “Better Systems, Better World,” and to ensure the continued growth of our company, we believe it is necessary to conduct sound corporate activities.
To this end, we have established a corporate governance system to earn the trust from the society, and in order to achieve compliance, each and every one of our directors and employees is committed to conducting their daily work with the highest sense of ethics and responsibility based on the “Raksul Group Code of Conduct.”


Compliance Policy (Raksul Group Code of Conduct)


“Better Systems, Better World”


This has been the vision of Raksul since its establishment. As we take on the daily challenge of realizing this vision, we pledge to practice the following actions to ensure that we are always honest and sincere, and that we continue to live up to the trust from the society.

1 Compliance with laws and regulations and social ethics

We will comply with all laws, regulations, and internal rules applicable to our business activities. Even when it is not a legal issue, we will ask ourselves whether what we are doing meets the expectations from the society and whether it is something we can confidently share with our family, friends and loved ones, and choose the right thing to do over profit.

2 Fair competition and respect for intellectual property

We will always compete fairly, transparently, and freely. We will also protect our own ideas and intellectual properties, and respect the achievements and intellectual properties of others.

3 Equal and future-oriented relationships with partners

We will select suppliers, contractors and distributors etc. based on fair and objective criteria. As partners in supply chain revolution, we will always treat them as equals, with courtesy and respect, and build win-win relationships.

4 Sincere communication

We will provide appropriate information and communicate in good faith. We will strive to provide easy-to-understand explanations of our products and services, and will strictly refrain from inappropriate information dissemination, words, or actions that may damage the dignity and privacy of others or the trust in Raksul (brand value).

5 Protection of Personal Information and Privacy

As an Internet company, we strictly manage personal information and use it only within the scope of the purpose of use. We will also respect the privacy of all our stakeholders, including users and employees.

6 Good work environment

We respect the personality and individuality of each and every one of our employees and provide opportunities for them to demonstrate their abilities and achieve personal growth. To this end, we will provide a safe and healthy work environment, both physically and mentally, and will evaluate and treat our employees fairly.

7 Information disclosure and dialogue

We will disclose corporate information in a fair and timely manner to enhance the transparency of our management. We will also strive to enhance corporate value through active dialogue with shareholders and the capital market.

8 Appropriate management of corporate assets

We will properly record and manage information related to our operations. We will treat company assets and user assets with care, and will not mix public and private matters or use our position to benefit ourselves or third parties.

9 Blocking antisocial forces

We will not have any relationship with antisocial forces that threaten the safety and order of society. We will unyieldingly reject any unjustified claims and will not share any profit with them.

10 Strict response to inappropriate behavior

We will not hesitate to report to our superiors or the consultation desk if and when we discover any suspected violation of this Code of Conduct. Management will respond sincerely to the report, work to resolve the problem and prevent recurrence, and fulfill its responsibility to disclose and take disciplinary actions when necessary.

Established on October 15, 2020

Corporate Governance Report of Raksul Inc.

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