Innovative fabless printing
and advertising platform

We use the Internet to select from all over Japan the best printing company that fits the customer's order needs. We developed a mechanism that provides high-quality printing at low cost by using the under-utilized capacity of printers.

Innovative online delivery service

Hacobell is a service that allows you to book package delivery service quickly and easily from PC or smartphone. By using the excess capacity of each logistics company, we developed a platform offering services at high quality and low cost.

Offline advertising platform

We offer a full range of services including but not limited to planning, production, broadcasting, and analysis of advertising videos for TV commercials. By visualizing advertising effectiveness, we can improve the cycle of improvement and support the business growth of your company.

Corporate IT Platform

Leveraging RAKSUL's strengths in procurement and operations, Josys automates analog support operations in Corporate IT through multiple services including SaaS, E-commerce, and BPO. In addition to software management, Josys provides one-stop services for hardware operations ranging from procurement, storage to configuration.