Effective: November 1, 2016
Last Updated: August 31, 2018

Yo Nagami
Representative Director, President and CEO

At RAKSUL INC., information assets (information and information systems, etc.) are our most valuable assets as well as a source of profit generation in our business activities. Furthermore, it is our social responsibility to prevent information security incidents.

In order to protect information assets from security threats, we handle information assets accurately and securely, achieve information security in line with our management strategy, and live up to the trust of our customers.

  1. We have established the following security objectives and will ensure that various measures are taken to achieve these objectives.
    [Security Objectives]
    – To respect and comply with contracts with our customers and legal or regulatory requirements
    – To prevent infomation security incidents
    – To protect information assets from security threats
  2. By stating Management’s intentions regarding our approach to information security and clarifying our action guidelines based on them, we properly build and operate Information Security Management System [ISMS], strive to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of valuable information assets, and continuously improve its effectiveness.
  3. We shall establish an Information Security Committee Chairman and Information Security Committee for the operation of ISMS, and shall develop the necessary organizational structure for its operation.
  4. In order to maintain an acceptable risk level for all the valuable information assets, we shall establish evaluation standards and systematic procedures for risk assessment, and take appropriate risk countermeasures based on risk assessments.
  5. We shall periodically provide training to all employees to maintain and improve the ISMS and measure the effectiveness of the training.