When was the Company established?
On September 1st, 2009.
When did the Company go public?
On May 31st, 2018.
On what stock exchange is the shares of the Company listed?
TSE Prime : Market for companies apply higher level of governance.
What is the Company’s security code?
4384. Listed among the information and communications industry.
How many shares constitute a trading unit?
When does the fiscal year end?
July 31st.
When are financial results announced?
We announce the consolidated financial results on a quarterly-basis. Please refer to the IR Calender for details.
When is the general shareholders meeting held?
It is scheduled in October each year.
How is the current performance?
Please refer to the financial highlights page.
Does the Company have a set “quiet period”?
To prevent financial and accounting information being leaked, and to ensure fairness, we make the period from the day following the settlement day of the accounting period until the day of the announcement of operating results a “quiet period.” During this period, we refrain from replying to any queries concerning operating results or commenting on such matters.
How do I make an investor-relations inquiry?
Please send your inquiry via our Contact Form. Please make sure you select the “IR related inquiries” option for “Category.”