Human Rights Policy

We will support and respect the international norms on human rights in “the International Bill of Human Rights” and “the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work”. Based on the Corporate Compliance Policy (Raksul Group Code of Conduct), we will deepen our understanding of respect for the human rights of all stakeholders involved in our corporate activities and fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights.

In our corporate activities, we will not tolerate discrimination based on race, nationality, gender, age, religion, political ideology, disability, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, or gender identity and will provide equal opportunities to all people. We will not tolerate forced labor, human trafficking, child labor, harassment or bullying, or unfair treatment of any kind. We comply with the laws and regulations where our employees work, and strive to provide an appropriate working environment, ensure fair working conditions, and respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.


Based on our Human Rights Policy, we will foster a culture in which employees respect each other’s values and create an environment in which the diversity of our human resources is linked to our competitiveness.

Supporting diversity in human resources

Employment of people with disabilities

To “meet the needs of people with disabilities who want to be active in the IT and Web industries by changing the way they work,” we have concluded a partnership agreement with “Kinomi,” a work support center for people with disabilities, to provide employment support for people with disabilities.

Through DTP and data management work in printing-related services, people with disabilities acquire IT skills, and we provide training that brings the work environment closer to that of general employment. We also promote direct employment between our company and those who have acquired skills and knowledge through training.

Appointment of locally hired personnel

We are currently operating in Japan and two overseas offices (India and Vietnam), and many local employees are working at each office. In addition, we have appointed a local employee to Manager of the India office to ensure flexible organizational management.

We are striving for organizational management that fosters the development of each employee’s abilities and promotes innovation by strengthening the hiring of talented human resources in Japan and overseas, improving overall technical capabilities through cooperation among the offices.

Promotion of women-led activities

Promoting the appointment of female directors

We recognize that the promotion of women-led activities will promote innovation through diversifying perspectives in intensifying global competition, which will also lead to sustainable corporate growth.

From the perspective of reflecting diverse values in management strategies, we believe it is necessary to ensure diversity among directors and promote appointment of female directors.

Promotion of female employees’ activities

We believe that diverse work styles and support for balancing work and family life are essential for the success of women, and we will steadily increase the number of women in management positions in conjunction with our efforts to promote work-life balance.

We have set a target of raising the ratio of female managers to 20% by the year ending July 31, 2025 (Refer to ESG Data for FY2019-FY2021 female managers ratio).

The Board of Directors monitors the utilization of diverse human resources, including the recruitment, training, and appointment of female managers.

System to promote diversity

We have established a whistle-blowing system, with contact points both within the company and at outside law firms, to respond to compliance violations, harassment, discrimination, and moral violations related to human rights as early as possible. We work with the relevant departments to ensure confidentiality and prevent any disadvantages to the whistleblower, including anonymous reporting.

Work-life balance

Realization of diverse work styles

We have various systems to enable employees to work in a way that suits their lifestyles, including leave and shortened working hours for childcare and other care needs, and maternity/paternity leave for spouses. In addition, we have introduced a half-day/hourly paid leave system, a flextime system, and a remote work system to help our employees to work efficiently.

A system for achieving work-life balance

We comply with the labor laws and regulations of each country in our labor management. In addition, we are taking the following measures to reduce excessive working hours and overtime.

  • Monitoring of working hours and interviews with employees
  • Notification and guidance to employees and their superiors who may be working long hours

*There have been no cases of violations of labor standards.

Human capital development

In accordance with our Human Rights Policy, we are working on language support programs by dedicated English speaking staff to develop the next generation of leaders and global human resources who will drive our business. We are also working to foster a corporate culture in which each and every employee considers his or her own growth and strives for self-improvement.

We base our human resource development on on-the-job training (OJT) through training programs and practical work at each division and business unit, and provide various training programs to support this OJT.

Training programs

  • New employee training
  • Language support program
  • Security training (once a year)
  • Compliance training
  • Management training (for management positions)

Other programs

  • Upskilling support program
  • Unlimited technical/practical book purchase program

Occupational health and safety

In accordance with the Human Rights Policy, we will comply with laws and regulations governing occupational safety and health, as well as internal occupational safety and health regulations, in order to prevent occupational accidents and create a comfortable environment where employees can work in good health and safety so that they can continue to perform at a high level.

Occupational health management policy

  1. Employees will give top priority to their own health and strive to maintain and improve mental and physical health.
  2. The company will create a comfortable work environment that helps each employee maximize their performance.
  3. The human resource department will promote the proper use and management of health check results including mental health. The department will also closely work with occupational physicians to help employees maintain good health.

Employee engagement

We have introduced the following systems to support employees’ asset building, foster a stronger sense of belonging, and enhance the corporate value over the medium to long term through employee contributions.

Defined contribution pension plan

The company has introduced a corporate defined contribution pension plan for all directly employed employees (excluding part-time workers). An amount equivalent to 10% of the contribution set by each employee is paid by the company as an incentive.

Employee shareholding association

The company organized a shareholding association for all directly employed employees (excluding part-time workers) to enable them to acquire shares in the company. In order to promote the acquisition of shares by employees and the effective operation of the shareholding association system, the company provides an incentive of 20% of each employee’s contribution.

Performance-linked remuneration

In addition to reflecting each employee’s performance and business results in the bonuses paid to personnel who play a central role in the business, we motivate employees to contribute to business results over the medium to long term by granting them restricted stock (RS).

Customer service

We have implemented the following measures to ensure that customers who have concerns about placing online orders can use our services with peace of mind. In addition, based on the opinions and requests of our customers, we are making daily improvements to e customer satisfaction.

Quality assurance

We will reprint at our expense under our policy of “100% customer satisfaction guarantee” if there is an issue with service quality.

Customer support quality

We have set up a dedicated call center to respond to inquiries from customers. In addition, we have been striving to improve the quality of our customer service by enhancing staff training and received a high evaluation in the “Inquiry Desk Rating” category from an external evaluation organization (HDI-Japan: an international certification organization for support centers).

Partner Relations

Our commitment to fair and equitable transactions with partners

  1. We strive to promote trust by strengthening communication with partners.
  2. We establish an annual plan to educate our employees on the basic stance for fair and equitable transactions, as well as compliance with laws and regulations such as the Subcontract Act.

Contributions to society

NPO support

By supporting NPOs that are working to change systems and make the world a better place, we will realize our vision “Better Systems, better World”.

NPOs certified by the specified authorities or certified NPOs can use the printing service “Raksul” at a 25% discount, and organizations that support disaster-stricken areas can use the logistics service “Hacobell” at a 10% discount.

Other activities

Amid concerns about the collapse of the medical system due to the shortage of medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we delivered surgical masks to medical facilities using our logistics service “Hacobell”. As a provider of logistics services that play an important role in social infrastructure, we will continue to implement a variety of initiatives in the future.