Yo Nagami

Representative Director, President and CEO

Yo Nagami

  • Joined RAKSUL in April 2014, after working at Mizuho Securities, Carlyle, and DeNA
  • Specializes in all aspects of financial strategy through extensive experience in financial and investment companies
  • Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Policy Management
  • Completed his MBA at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Appointed as Representative Director, President and CEO of RAKSUL,from 2023
Yasukane Matsumoto

Director and Chairman

Yasukane Matsumoto

  • Established RAKSUL in September 2009, after working for A.T. Kearney
  • Established a business model using the sharing economy to utilize idle assets in the printing industry
  • Representative Director and CEO of JOSYS Corporation from 2022
  • Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Business and Commerce
  • Appointed as Director and Chairman of RAKSUL,from 2023
Tatsuru Watanabe

SVP of Raksul

Tatsuru Watanabe

  • Joined RAKSUL in 2017, after working for Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Leads the supply strategy planning for RAKSUL’s BtoB printing platform, BPR for partner factories, new business development, and PMI of M&A partners
  • Appointed as President and Representative Director of Danball One Inc. from 2022
  • Concurrently serves as Outside Director of RAKSUL FACTORY Inc.from 2023
  • Graduated from Kyoto University
Masaki Tabe

CMO / SVP of Novasell

Novasell INC. Representative Director and President

Masaki Tabe

  • Specializes in new customer acquisition, especially for TV commercials, and data-driven CRM
  • Oversees not only promotions but also the 4P strategy
  • Specializes in new customer acquisition, especially for TV commercials, and stabilizing the repeat rate through data-driven CRM
  • Appointed as Representative Director, President and CEO of NOVASELL, from 2022
Shinnosuke Nishida

CAO / SVP of Corporate

Shinnosuke Nishida

  • Joined RAKSUL in 2014, after working for Mori Building Co. and DeNA Co., Ltd
  • Led the IPO from the start-up of the administrative department and currently oversees the entire administrative department
  • After the IPO, he has been responsible for overall corporate actions, planning, design, and execution, leading as Chief Administrative Officer
  • Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University
Sota Mizushima

CPO/SVP of Product & Technology

Sota Mizushima

  • CPO and Engaged as product owner of printing business, and launched the Design Promotion Office in 2020, leading problem-solving design and corporate branding for each business.
  • Appointed as a director of the Japan CPO Association and CPO of the Digital Agency from 2021.
  • After completing the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University, he worked for IBM Japan and DeNA before joining the company in October 2017.
Yukiko Shiozaki


Yukiko Shiozaki

  • After holding key leadership roles in HR for several US-based companies including GE and IBM, Yukiko joined Raksul inc. in December 2022.
  • She has extensive knowledge in strategic planning and organizational transformation of HR organizations. She is currently overseeing the HR domain of the entire company.
  • She holds a BA from Tsuda College and an MPS & MA from Cornell University.

Outside Directors

Yoshihiko Miyauchi

Kenji Kobayashi

Yumiko Murakami

Outside Directors, Audit & Supervisory Committee members

Naomi Mori

Masahiro Kotosaka

Junko Utsunomiya

Executive Officers, etc.

VP of Marketing & Business Supply, Raksul

Haruki Kinoshita

VP of Service Infrastructure

Kyohei Watanabe

CIO / VP of Technology

Yuya Nakada


Yudai Takagi


Yoshihisa Urakami


Shian Izumida